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Lifesavers’ Legacies: Al Zarate

Al was born in New London Connecticut in 1936 to an Irish American mother and Filipino father. He got a Ph.D in Sociology from Brown University and taught sociology for several years before joining the National Center for Health Statistics in 1980. Al and his wife Charlotte married in 1980 and settled in Bowie, Maryland in 1981.  Al loved to sing and play the guitar and his musical talents brought joy to many – especially the seniors he entertained in his final years.

Al and Charlotte adopted Molly from K-9 Lifesavers in July, 2011. Molly was a 7-month-old feist and was terrified of the world, which is sadly not uncommon for rescue pups. She also wasn’t potty trained, and the stress of potty training was making her adjustment to being a happy pet even more difficult. At the recommendation of a trusted trainer, Al kept Molly on a leash by his side at all times, and it seemed like it took no time at all for Molly to be house trained, and totally devoted to Al. They were inseparable.

Molly’s other best friend was Baxter, a lab mix that belonged to Al and Charlotte’s daughter. When Baxter and his person moved out, Molly had a tough time adjusting, so Al and Charlotte decided to adopt another K-9 Lifesavers pup – and that’s how Molly got her very own dog, Freddy! By this time, Al was retired, so the three of them spent all their time together. Both Molly and Freddy were a big part of Al’s life, and when he died, his friends and family chose to honor that relationship by donating to K-9 Lifesavers in his memory. Every donation helps give other homeless dogs a chance to find their forever home, and Al’s family tells us that nothing would give Al more joy.

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