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Lifesavers’ Legacies: Charlotte

Lauren and Nate Wright have always been dog lovers and grew up with wonderful memories of special canine companions. When they decided to adopt a dog together, they found a puppy they liked on K-9 Lifesavers’ website, but after talking to our founder, Barb Newberg, they fell in love with another puppy, Charlotte. Charlotte and her two littermates were rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia, and Lauren and Nate met her at the Falls Church adoption event. They walked into the pet store to get away from all the noise and chaos, and Charlotte immediately licked Lauren’s face. That was it – they were head over heels in love.

Like many rescue pups, it took a little while for Charlotte to settle into her new routine. She was anxious, and didn’t know how to accept being touched at first, but Lauren and Nate knew how to be patient and let her grow to trust them. And she did – together, the three of them became family. Over the next four years, Charlotte’s personality emerged, and she became the most fiercely loving, smart, athletic dog Lauren and Nate have ever known. Lauren told us, “she was whip-smart, often learning tricks and commands that neither Nate nor I could remember teaching her. And man, was that dog athletic! She could jump so high (especially when going for her favorite toy, the tennis ball!), that we often joked she was part deer.” Charlotte also inspired Lauren to begin volunteering as an adoption coordinator with K9 Lifesavers.

This past September, Charlotte slipped away from her boarder while Lauren and Nate were out of town. After several days of search parties putting up flyers everywhere, K-9 Lifesavers received a tip from one of their supporters, which led Lauren and Nate to Charlotte. She had wandered onto the highway where she was struck and killed – just three days after her fourth “gotcha” day. Lauren and Nate were heartbroken and devastated to have lost their sweet pup.  They had no idea the full impact Charlotte had on their lives until she was gone, and it’s a loss that will always be with them. Lauren says, “Charlotte was the best nurse, snuggle bug, hiking buddy, and friend. We have some many funny stories from her antics that we’ll be telling Charlotte stories for a long, long time. We miss her everyday. Neither of us ever had a dog like Charlotte, nor do we think we ever will again. She taught us so much, and we’re just thankful we had her around for the four years we did. We are also so thankful for K9 Lifesavers for rescuing her, and bringing her to us. Our lives were so much fuller because of her.”

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