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Maryland’s first family of martial arts teaches life lessons along with physical strength

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In the world of the ninja, the Elrod family is an impressive force. Julie and Ron Elrod are black belts who travel to Japan annually to study their craft with Soke Hatsumi, the 34th-generation ninjutsu grandmaster. Their children, 21-year-old Kami and 24-year-old Wyatt, have followed in their footsteps, training with their parents. Experts in the art of self-defense, the Elrods are physically alert and sharp. They are not a family muggers would want to meet in a dark alley. Despite their physical prowess and skill with weapons, the Elrods are more welcoming than intimidating. And to the students and parents at the American Academy of Martial Arts, the family’s 18-year-old Howard County martial-arts school, the Elrods’ physical accomplishments, while inspiring, are secondary to their other qualities. The Elrods are especially involved in canine rescue. They are active with an organization called K-9 Lifesavers that helps foster dogs; they personally foster

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Maddie is Lost in Rockville, MD 20850

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Maddie was adopted from K9 Lifesavers 3.5 years ago. On Monday, December 3 her walker had an accident while walking Maddie and she got loose and her parents are desperately looking for her. Maddie is believed to be hiding out in the neighborhood around the Rockville Metro; she was spotted Thursday at 2:00 pm near the intersection on North Stone Street and Crabb Ave and also possibly at 8:30 pm at the intersection of Charles Street and Baltimore Road. If you see Maddie please call Tom or Judy with location info and direction she was headed in. 301-728-2771 301-675-6915 *Do not approach as she is fearful and will run*

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Read Emma’s Story in the December Issue of Washingtonian Magazine

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Inspired by Emma: Adopting a Pit Bull After losing my purebred boxer, I knew I wanted to adopt a dog. I never planned to bring home a pit-bull mix that would turn me into an advocate for her breed. By Douglas Sonders I woke in the middle of that anguishing night to find my best pal, Winston—a boxer—looking up at me from his usual place, nuzzled between my arm and chest. We stared at each other for an hour as I stroked his fur and told him he was a good boy. The next day, Halloween 2011, I had to put him to sleep. Winston had been fighting an aggressive growth on his spine that shut down his organs and took away his ability to walk. For months after he died, my heart felt wrecked. It took nearly a year before I was ready for another dog. I’d acquired Winston,

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