If you care anything about dogs, you know all about the evils of puppy mills. I agree – they are horrible places. I didn’t come from a puppy mill – but for three years I was used by a backyard breeder in GA to push out puppies. Don’t get me wrong – I loved my puppies and raised them right. But it wasn’t a great life for me. And then I was dumped at a shelter – my buddies there said it was “high kill” Yikes. I was never so scared in my whole life – all 3 years of it.

Then some really nice people from K9 Lifesavers saved me and brought me to DC for a whole new life. In a home where I’ll be loved and cared for just because I’m me -Susie Q.

I’ve got a lot of good years ahead and would love love love to be your companion. I’m affectionate, loyal, and have a really sweet personality Just like a black lab is supposed to but…my ideal home is one where I get lots of belly rubs. After everything I’ve gone through, I am OK with most dogs, but prefers people companionship.

Now all I need is for someone to love me and share their home with me. So who out there wants a BFF? I was told that means Best Friend Forever. Sounds perfect.