About Us

K-9 Lifesavers is an all-volunteer, approved 501(c)(3), private non-profit rescue group, dedicated to saving the lives of homeless and abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters, and other high-risk situations. We rescue dogs and puppies from high- kill shelters and high-risk situations in Georgia, West Virginia, the Carolina’s, Tennessee, and Kentucky, where dogs are only held anywhere from three to seven days before euthanasia.

We do not have a shelter facility and hold adoption events every weekend, throughout the DC Metro area. K-9 Lifesavers works with dedicated volunteer foster homes, local veterinarians, trainers, and doggie daycare/kenneling facilities to provide loving temporary care while we find well-matched, carefully screened forever homes for each dog.

We serve as a support group to our adopters and all dog owners by providing ongoing education and resources for the well-being of their dogs, including the importance of proactive spay/neuter policies, positive reinforcement training, and good nutrition. We welcome you to explore our website, view our Adoptable Dogs, and all that we have to offer, then please join us in our continuing efforts to give them a second chance at life.

What are K-9 Lifesavers adoption fees?

Our adoption fees are set based on the age of the dog, and whether the dog was treated for heartworm.

  • Puppy (6 months and younger) – $350 (This includes a certificate for spay/neuter surgery at one of our partner vets.)
  • Young/Adult Dog (7 months to 8 yrs) – $300.00
  • Golden Year Dog (8 years or older) – $200.00
  • Heartworm positive Dog – $375.00 (This includes treatment at one of our partner vets.)

What is the adoption process?

The adoption process begins when you send an Adoption Questionnaire to the contact listed in the dog’s website profile. This can also happen when an adoption application is turned in at an adoption event. The contact, which we call the “Adoption Counselor,” will then set up a time to review your application. This interview takes place over the phone and we discuss our adoption policies, what characteristics you are looking for in a dog, how much time do you have to devote to training and exercise, and basic vetting requirements for a dog. We want to ensure a good fit between the dog and potential home.

In some cases, we may feel a dog is not a good fit for your environment, and we will help you to find another dog that will be a good match. Our goal during this interview process is a two-way exchange of information, to ensure a permanent placement of our rescue dogs.

Our AC will then contact your landlord, condo association to confirm there are no pet restrictions (breed, size/weight, number of dogs) and contact other references provided. The AC will then setup a home visit and we require that everyone who lives in the home be present for the visit. We conduct the home visit to ensure a safe environment and to ensure everyone in the household is on-board with adopting a dog.

What Vetting Does K-9 Lifesavers provide for their dogs?

When the dogs arrive to the area, we cover all basic vetting to include age appropriate shots, spay/neuter, deworming, and heartworm testing. While the dog is in our care, we maintain the dogs on monthly heartworm prevention and monthly flea/tick prevention. In addition, we treat any obvious aliment such as kennel cough, worms, mange, and enroll dogs in “bootcamp” training if they exhibit severe behavioral issues.