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Spring Training  “Solving behavior problems so you and your pets can live happily together”

Spring training is dedicated to giving you and your dog the skills and tools you need to better understand and communicate with one another – because clear communication is at the heart of every happy, healthy relationship. Our methods are dog and people-friendly –  focusing on fun, practical training solutions that work for you and your unique circumstances.

Phone: 202-664-4206


KissAble Canine

KissAble Canine offers in-home, private training, behavior modification and group class! They provide pet owners a fun and effective solution for their dog behavior needs.  All trainers hold at least one training certification, with lead trainers holding their Certified Professional Dog Trainer certificate. We utilize positive-based training methods to make results happen. Check out to meet our trainers and see our training programs. Listed Best Trainer in Northern Virginia, Northern Virginia Magazine 2010.

Phone: 703-574-3383


Your Dog’s Friend

Your Dog’s Friend is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose goal is to help keep dogs out of shelters by educating and supporting dog owners.

Your Dog’s Friend offers advice before you choose your dog, after you bring home your new pet, and when you have questions about your dog’s behavior.

We want to see your dog become your lifetime companion! We believe that fewer dogs will be given up to shelters if we can help dog owners understand what their dogs need and how their dogs learn.

Address: 11401 South Glen Rd. Potomac, MD 20854

Phone: 301-983-5913


Kinga’s K9s

Address: 1600 Clarendon Blvd #W206 Arlington, VA 22209

Phone: (703) 505-5695


Pure Gold Pet Trackers

Discovering that your pet is missing is a very stressful time, and you need answers. We’re here to help. Search dogs are only one part of your effort. The advantage of a search dog is that it may direct your search, thus making it more efficient. How does the Tracking Process work? What do you need from me?

The techniques we use to help locate lost pets may include:

  • Trailing. We start with a scent article from your missing pet. Search begins in the area where you pet was last seen; we try to pick up a track and direction of travel. Time and weather conditions will have a big effect on our ability to effectively follow a trail.
  • Airscent. We give the search dog a scent article and then walk along likely areas, hoping to cross the scent of the missing pet. This is tried if at some point we lose the trail, or are unable to locate a trail and the owner feels there may be an area that should be checked. Depending on the amount of time the pet has been missing this can be like looking for the proverbial ”needle in a haystack.” Sometimes we get lucky and are able to put the dog’s nose where it needs to be.
  • Support. Frequently we can help simply by offering supportive guidance and advice over the Internet or telephone.

The Tracker Team will arrange to meet you at your home, or in the area your pet was last seen. Both wear bright vests so that neighbors within the search area are made aware of our presence and of our efforts. You are welcome to walk with us if you can.

Please bring a selection of scent articles – a collar, a toy, a bed, or anything else that might have a strong scent of the missing animal, and only that animal. Articles such as toys that might be shared by more than one animal in your household are less effective.

The main thing you should do, particularly if you have a missing dog, is to get the word out to people who may see, and hopefully detain, your missing pet. Fliers, fliers, and more fliers is what I highly suggest! Also, with cats, the key is often knowing where to set a live animal trap.

Phone: 410-365-7456

Dog Training & Behavior Articles

Please note that K-9 Lifesavers provides links to external training resources and pet related videos as a service for you and your pets. Not all training methods are appropriate for all dogs and a professional should be consulted before attempting any training program.


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