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K-9 Lifesavers, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, rescues homeless and abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters, owners who can no longer care for them, and other high-risk situations.

We work with dedicated volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians, trainers, and kennels to provide loving temporary care while we find well-matched, carefully screened forever homes for each dog we take in.

We also serve as a support group to our adopters and all dog owners by providing ongoing education and resources for the well-being of their dogs, including the importance of proactive spay/neuter policies, positive behavior training, and good nutrition.


Follow My Lead- House Training

| December 8th, 2011 | No Comments »

Training Advice for Positively Good Dogs by Kelly Spring, CPDT House Training Your Dog A dog has no innate understanding of where you think it is appropriate to potty and where you would rather he didn’t.  He really doesn’t know.  Seriously.  He can and will learn – but it will be much easier for both of you if you communicate it to him in a way that he can easily understand.  The holy grail of housetraining is: confinement, supervision and positive reinforcement. Crate Training: When you can’t actively supervise your dog, he should be confined to an area small enough that he won’t want to soil in it – a crate is a great confinement solution. The crate should be large enough that he can comfortably sit, lie down, and turn around, but not so large that he can soil one area of the crate and comfortably move away from

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Follow My Lead- Halloween Safety

| October 2nd, 2011 | No Comments »

Training Advice for Positively Good Dogs by Kelly Spring, CPDT Halloween Can Be a Scary Time for Your Dog Halloween is lots of fun for people, but it can be a nightmare for some dogs.  Keep your dog safe and stress-free with these easy tips: Walk your dog before or after trick-or-treaters make their rounds.  Costumes and sugar-fueled children can be frightening to dogs.  Hold the leash firmly just in case your dog gets startled by a child in a costume or a group of revelers. Keep the Halloween goodies out of reach.  Chocolate and candy containing xylitol are toxic to dogs. When the ghouls and goblins come knocking, make sure your dog is in a secure area of the home – behind a baby gate, in her crate, or in another room with the door closed.  Many dogs become increasingly excited, stressed, and/or scared by a parade of visitors

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Follow My Lead- Resource Guarding

| September 1st, 2011 | No Comments »

Training Advice for Positively Good Dogs by Kelly Spring How do I Prevent Resource Guarding? When dogs guard their “good stuff” (bones, toys, food, crates, people, socks, dirty Kleenex – the dog decides what’s valuable) it is often caused by anxiety. They’re worried that another animal or a person is going to take it away. They use growls, snaps, body freezing/tensing and other “aggressive” body language, including biting, to try to warn the person or animal away from something he or she finds valuable and doesn’t want to lose. It’s important to understand that this is a very normal and adaptive behavior in canine culture. If a dog is out in the world fending for himself, guarding his “good stuff” is going to keep him alive and well-fed. Because it’s so useful for survival, this is a behavioral tendency that is very difficult to breed out and most dogs have

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Follow My Lead- Leash Reactivity

| July 27th, 2011 | No Comments »

Training Advice for Positively Good Dogs by Kelly Spring Why does my Dog lunge, bark, and whimper at other dogs when we go for walks but gets along with dogs off-leash? You and your dog are not alone – this is one of the most common behavior problems I am consulted about. The first thing to know is what “leash-reactivity to dogs” (trainer lingo for this type of out-of-control behavior) is not. It’s not about dominance – over you, the other dog, or anyone else. This behavior is almost always the result of over-arousal from fear or frustration. If Rover hasn’t learned fantastic dog-dog social skills or he’s had a bad experience interacting with another dog, he may be able to manage at the dog park – and even enjoy himself – because he and the other dogs have the freedom to avoid uncomfortable situations. When Rover is on-leash and

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Support K-9 Lifesavers!

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The economy has taken a toll on adoptions throughout the country, and although our adoption rates have remained stable, our shelter fees, transport costs, boarding fees, and vetting costs have increased.  We recently raised our adoption fees in an effort to help offset the rising costs of dog rescue, but we need additional help.  We would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation to help provide medical and everyday care to our dogs. Your support means the world to us! No contribution is too small or too big.  Since its inception, K-9 Lifesavers has saved close to 3000 dogs from certain euthanasia, and adopted them into permanent homes.  This could not be possible without the financial donations of supporters like you. Your donation in any amount provides a chance at the Good Life! Receive a K-9 Lifesavers T-Shirt with all donations $150 or more! – Please indicate

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Phoenix was left on the side of the road- ADOPTED!

| June 27th, 2011 | No Comments »

The story of the Phoenix bird burning in flames and finally rising out of the ashes is a classic inspirational myth.  The Phoenix has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal. Meet modern day Phoenix….his story is similar to the bird.  A country dog trotting down a busy road with no where to go and no one to love him.  He doesn’t see the car that hits him but feels incredible pain.  The driver leaves Phoenix on the side of the road either because they think he’s dead or they don’t care…or both.  He’s scared, in pain, and yet alone….again.  We don’t know how long Phoenix lie there suffering before a good Samaritan picked him up. Part two of our story includes surgery and a chance of rebirth.   Phoenix is recovering both physically and mentally over his accident.  They say time heals all wounds and we

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Jemma deserves a chance- ADOPTED!

| June 27th, 2011 | Comments Off

If you ever want to make a difference in a dog’s life, consider Jemma.  You are truly saving a life!  Jemma’s days were numbered when she and her pup were dumped off at a high kill shelter in Georgia.  Everyone walked by the ‘ugly’ dog with the sad eyes…they couldn’t look…it was such a sad sight.  At K-9 Lifesavers, we don’t see ugly; we see a beautiful soul who has been neglected and mistreated.  We see the skin rash is gone and a gorgeous shiny red coat.  Imagine glistening brown eyes and a tail that wags when you walk in the door.  Imagine…the possibilities…NOT the obstacles.  The Jemma we’re describing is in this broken body.  She just needs her hero to give her what she deserves more than anyone…a chance. Can you be her hero?  

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If you care anything about dogs, you know all about the evils of puppy mills. I agree – they are horrible places. I didn’t come from a puppy mill – but for three years I was used by a backyard breeder in GA to push out puppies. Don’t get me wrong – I loved my puppies and raised them right. But it wasn’t a great life for me. And then I was dumped at a shelter – my buddies there said it was “high kill” Yikes. I was never so scared in my whole life – all 3 years of it. Then some really nice people from K9 Lifesavers saved me and brought me to DC for a whole new life. In a home where I’ll be loved and cared for just because I’m me -Susie Q. I’ve got a lot of good years ahead and would love love love

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The Cost of Dog Ownership

| December 25th, 2010 | Comments Off

Adopting a dog is a serious commitment of both time and money, and should not be a decision entered into lightly. Adopting a dog is a financial investment when you consider all aspects of the dog’s care: food, toys, supplies, veterinary bills, licensing, and other basic costs.

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The Benefits of a Microchip

| December 25th, 2010 | Comments Off

Microchipping is the best way to return a lost dog to his owner in the event that the dog’s collar or tags should come off. If you move or change phone numbers- make sure to update your dogs too!

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