Dog Supply Check List

The Basics

_____ Buckle collar: leather or non-stretch material. Make sure it is “2-fingers” snug and can’t come off.

_____ Leash: strong clasp and thick leather or double-ply woven for your comfort.

_____ ID tag: with your phone number, attached securely to collar.

_____ Water and food bowls: use stainless steel or ceramic with no painting in the inside. Plastic can absorb bacteria and smell.

_____ Dog food: gradually change over to the food of your choice. Use a good grade of dog food. Premium dog food can lead to lower vet bills. Dry food is good for teeth and digestion. No table scraps: feeding table scraps encourages begging. It’s your job to keep food out of reach.

_____ Biscuits: avoid those with food coloring. Use to reward good behavior.

_____ Crate: an invaluable tool, especially at the beginning. Avoid crating a dog for more than 5 hours. Place safe toys inside. Folding crates are also ideal for traveling. If the dog chews on crate bars, get the Vari-kennel or airline crate. Make sure the crate is large enough for dog when full grown.

_____ Organic apple cider vinegar: a little added to water bowl daily can help digestion and deter fleas.

_____ Baby gates: a good confinement alternative. Make sure dog can’t get head/paws caught in gate, can’t chew threw or knock down the gate or jump the gate.

_____ Pet-specific cleaners: such as Simple Solution or Nature’s Miracle, available from pet supply stores. They remove pet stains and odors.

_____ Flea and tick preventative (e.g., Frontline, Advantix).

_____ Heart-worm preventative: prescription, available from your vet.

Training Essentials

_____ Harness: easy walk harness or two-step harness for pullers.

_____ Training rewards treats.

_____ Chew deterrent: (e.g., Bitter Apple or Yuck).

Grooming Supplies

_____ Brush: brush daily; good for skin and can be better than bathing.

_____ Nail clippers.

_____ Styptic powder: for clipping nails.

_____ Dog shampoo.

_____ Ear cleaner.

_____ Grooming wipes: for between bath cleanups.

_____ De-shedding tool: (eg., Furminator).

Bedding and Travel

_____ Bedding: easy to clean, thick enough for comfort.

_____ Car seat covers: protect seats.

_____ All purpose dog blanket.

Toys & Misc.

_____ Toys: use safe chew toys, such as non-rawhide-based chew-strips. Soft toys are good for some dogs, but others will pull them apart, so remove if this happens.

_____ Kong toys: chewing and keeping dogs occupied in their crate.

_____ For puppies: teething chew toys (e.g., Chilly Bone or Ruff Puppy Teethers).

_____ Long lasting chew bones: (e.g., Nylabones, natural bones, marro bones).

_____ Clean-up bag dispenser for leash: (e.g., Bags on Board).

_____ Dog behavior or training book.

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