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Critical Care

Often the word “rescue” is tossed around loosely like yesterday’s salad. “Thank you for rescuing me from the boring meeting!” Or “Phew, I was rescued from that miserable date!” With K-9 Lifesavers, rescue truly means the difference between life and death.

Many of the dogs who we save on a daily basis come from horrid conditions with little chance for a future, and some of them are extreme cases. Our Critical Care Fund was established to save these precious souls. Every dollar donated to our fund goes directly to the support of saving those who need extraordinary care, including some that require special medical treatments. Sometimes that means removing tumors, orthopedic surgeries, heartworm treatments, dental surgeries, critical care, and so much more. Every donation to our Critical Care fund is truly lifesaving – these innocent creatures would not survive without the procedures and services the fund is able to support. We cannot thank you enough for saving the lives of our Critical Care survivors – you are heroes!!

Needing Extraordinary Care: Hope

Hope arrived to us on April 14, 2016 in very rough shape. She was missing fur on her back and tail, she had multiple benin tumors all over her body including her legs and chest and face, she had one of the worst ear infections that we have ever seen. To the point where her inner ear was so swollen that we couldn’t even get ear drops in there to clean it. Hope’s front incisors were chipped and rotted and Her poor nails were so long they were actually curling into her pads. On top of all this, she is deaf and has cataracts!

Her surgery was a total success though! Three of the large tumors were removed, as well as most of her front teeth. To cure Hope’s skin and ear infections she

was taking a half a dozen medications. Today she is narrowed down to four pills a day, plus her special twice weekly baths.

Through all of this, she has been a total doll. She is the perfect low energy dog for anyone who just wants a friend to chill and watch Netflix. She’s not a barker, but she definitely lets out a big howl hello! when you come home.

Needing Extraordinary Care: Gizmo

Gizmo is a sweet lab we pulled from Sampson, North Carolina. He was passed over in the shelter because he has a condition in his right eye called “entropion,” which is where a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward. This can cause an eyelash or hair to irritate and scratch the surface of the eye, which can create an ulcer on the cornea or, even worse, cause the cornea to perforate. Gizmo is in a lot of pain, and we’re working to get him evaluated by our vet as soon as possible, but since his eye has been untreated for so long, we’re expecting that he’ll need surgery, which will be expensive. K-9 Lifesavers never shies away from these

cases, but especially not with a dog as sweet as Gizmo. He’s already wonderful with people, and his nature is so sweet that we think once he’s not in pain anymore he won’t have any grumpiness towards dogs either.

We know he just needs this surgery for his beautiful personality to shine out, and he’ll find his forever family. If you’re looking for a way to help, please consider donating for Gizmo’s surgery, and as always, thank you for being Lifesavers!!

Needing Extraordinary Care:  Gracie Goose

Meet Gracie Goose (because she was deemed the ugly duckling! But we know she will be a beautiful pup very soon!) There were many other dogs in the rural shelter that needed homes but there was also puppy there, who no one wanted. They believed that she was some sort of Lab mix, but because of her mange it was difficult to tell. No rescue wanted anything to do with her!

The volunteers of our rescue rallied and saved her just in time. Gracie has Scartopic mange which is painfully itchy and uncomfortable for her. With the love and care from her foster she is relishing the love and attention she desperately craved.  Her foster says, “Despite all of the struggles that she has had to face, she is the friendliest and happiest little dog that I have fostered. Her tail is always wagging and she loves to snuggle up in my lap! I am so proud of her!”  Gracie Goose’s care for the medications and medicated baths will total well over $500.  Do you see the beautiful goose that we see?  Can you help transform this little lass?

Needing Extraordinary Care:

Please Donate To Our Critical Care Fund!

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