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Sponsor a Dog

Sponsor a High Kill Shelter Dog and Help Us Save Them from Euthenasia

Every week, we are asked to save hundreds of dogs by our shelter partners. Sadly, we can only save a small fraction of the dogs that are sent our way. The majority of dogs we are asked to take are young, healthy, sweet, good with other dogs and people and ready-made family members. They would all find wonderful homes IF we could just find the space and resources to get them up here.

It costs us between $100-$150 to transport a dog from the south to the DC area and another $100-$150 to get them fully vetted and fixed (and that doesn’t even include heartworm treatments and medical emergencies). Every week, we would like to save just a couple more, IF WE ONLY HAD THE RESOURCES.

This is where you come in. Please, help us save more lives by making a tax deductible donation to help offset the cost to rescue one of these wonderful dogs and/or help with their extra medical bills. Below are a handful of amazing dogs that we would like to save this week and that are running out of time in overcrowded shelters. Please, donate to a specific dog and help us bring him/her to safety before their time runs out. Every donation will save the life of a specific animal and any donations over the amount needed will be applied to others in need.

Please, consider a tax-deductible donation today to help these animals. They deserve a family and forever home. Please be a LIFESAVER!


BLANCO is in a high-kill shelter in Texas. His scruffy face tugged at our heart but the cost of transporting him to VA is very high. We think he deserves a chance but really need your help to help us give him the chance.



Tamera is a wiggly butt sweetheart who passed  her shelter temperament test with flying colors. She is good with other dogs, kitties and only six months old. Nobody has expressed interest in her at the shelter but her time is running out. Please help us get her to safety!


We committed to Trouble but sadly a test showed that he is heartworm positive. We desperately need help with his heartworm treatment. Please, help us  save this guys life.

Lil Flower

Lil Flower is a timid sweetheart in a kill shelter in SC. Her tail wiggles tentatively when people approach –  but to blossom into the dog that she can be, she needs to get out of the shelter environment ASAP.  She is people and dog friendly and we need your help to get her out.



Jonathan is a friendly handsome retriever who the shelter told us is perfect. We would love to get him out of the kill shelter and into safety.  We need help with the cost of his neuter and transport from SC to VA. Please help us help him!


Freddy is a scruffy guy who found himself in a kill shelter in SC. He is good with other dogs and people and just needs a chance. He is sadly HW positive. Please, help us save him from the kill shelter and cover the cost of his lifesaving treatment.

In Urgent Need of Medical Care Sponsorship:

Freddy – Still Needs Funds for Heartworm Treatment

Freddy is a small guy who is scared in Georgia shelter. Like many dogs down South, he is heartworm positive. For most dogs in high-kill shelter, heartworm is a certain death unless they find a rescue. But very few rescues pull them because of the cost.  We will pay for his transport and vetting but need the funds to get him healthy.

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