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Happy Tails

Do you have a happy tail that you would like to share? Send us your story along with a photo to Sandys@k-9lifesavers.org and we will add it here.

Blue’s Story – in Video

Blue – a beneficiary of our Critical Care fund has been adopted!

Shae’s Story – in Video

Blue – a beneficiary of our Critical Care fund has been adopted!

Dewey enjoys TLC for a year!


This month marks a year since “Baby Richardson,” now Dewey, came into our lives and we wouldn’t trade it for anything! When we rescued him, he was a 4-month-old, malnourished, 30 lb. weim that needed some TLC. Now, he is a 90 lb. “big boy” that is the friendliest, most loving dog in the world! Being a weim, he enjoys his daily 4-5 mile walks and loves chewing on his bones (also, mommy and daddy’s comforter…but we are working on that). He has brought so many smiles and happy moments into our lives…we cannot believe how lucky we were to find such an awesome dog.

Thank you K-9 for all of the work you do …and for continuing to create happy moments in so many other homes.

Jenna and Jon

Diamond (formerly Tilly)

Update on Diamond (Tilly). Here she is showing what a true champion she is becoming!! Love her to pieces! After only two AKC trials, she has only one leg remaining on her novice standard title and a couple legs for jumpers. Then she’ll move to the next level.

More importantly, she brings joy to everyone she meets. I will be forever grateful to you all for saving her, especially Patty Derecola who kept her safe until we could find each other.
– Lisa Signorelli


We adopted Truman when my daughter was a baby. He snuggles her now as sweetly as he did six years ago. He has been the best companion and we are so grateful he came to us through a pet rescue. Some of the most loving animals are out there waiting for their soulmate. Truman is definitely ours.


A few months ago my wife and I attended an event you had a local PetSmart.  We had seen BrinLee on your web site and was attracted to her beauty.

We arrived a little before it began and as we waited we saw this dog come bounding ouf a car in the parking lot and knew instantly it was BrinLee.  Well, we had another dog wanted to possibly get a second but was not real sure how it would be accepted.

Tater Tot

On May 25, 2009, a pup came unto us. He was rescued from a dumpster at a gas station in South Carolina. Our lives are infinitely happier with this vocal, inquisitive, saucy, rakish beast.

My husband, Dr. Robert Mackey, grew up in Arkansas on a farm with dogs. While I lived in Oklahoma, my brother was allergic to them. I had only had one.

After getting married, I was loaded for bear (or dog) to get a pup — whether it was a puppy, middle-aged or a senior (don’t forget those).

I found K9 Lifesavers, the best and biggest-bang-for-the-buck (fee for spaying and neutering, transport, etc) you could ever want. And, oh, the dedication of these folks.

Tater Tot rescued me. I donate as much as I can to K9 and ASPCA. I guess I am a little bit of a helicopter owner, but do know that K9 will deliver unto you the best, most loyal and true friend you will ever have — a dog that will make your heart sing.

Adopt today. You will never, ever be sorry. Maybe frustrated, but hey, aren’t we all sometimes?

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
― Will Rogers

Thanks, Melissa, Bob, Connor and Kirsten (and Jimmy and Peanut)

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